Do it now

What will happen today if you do that thing you’ve been putting off?

What will it feel like to finally check it off your list?

What would happen if you do it now, instead of waiting longer?

Sure, scrolling instagram is a much easier alternative.

But that thing you’ve been putting off will still be there tomorrow.

Blow it off another day or week or month, and it will still be nagging you and reminding you that it isn’t done yet.

The longer you wait, the bigger the resistance will grow, no matter how much distraction you give yourself to avoid it.

Do it now and you can break the resistance before it gets any bigger.

Tackle it, and you can carry the momentum on to the next item.

Get it done and you can free up your mind to focus on bigger and better things, or simply enjoy the mental space that clearing something off the list brings.

Do it now, and you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

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