Five years ago I felt stuck.

I was eight years into my design career and on my third full-time job as a designer. I had never received any promotion, and had no Sr. or leadership title of any kind. I was perplexed at how the “system” worked. How long would I be stuck I wondered. What did senior designers and the leaders of teams know or do that I didn’t? I was starting to realize that there was more to it than simply becoming better at design, with the constant financial pressures I faced on a entry-level salary staring me straight in the face on a daily basis.

Some of the companies I've designed for
…Some of the companies I’ve designed for.

Fast forward five years, and I currently lead a team of a dozen designers and researchers at a global company that has thousands of employees and millions of active users.

I write and teach my experiences here on this website that took me from feeling stuck and broke, to my current leadership role as a UX director.

Being good at design is essential to moving forward in your design career. However, there’s way more to it than that. There’s plenty of resources out there that teach how to improve your design skills. However, this website exists to teach you how to move forward in your design career. How to get promoted, how to negotiate your salary, how to interview, how to behave on the job to get noticed. It’s all here.

I don’t share theory. I share exactly what I did to achieve the notable career growth I have enjoyed in the past five years. I have been managing, hiring and interviewing for the past five years as I built and ran two separate design teams at two separate companies. I know what companies are looking for. I know the ins-and-outs of how the industry works.

What about you?

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