Simple Productivity Hack

This hack is profoundly simple.

If you want to do your best creative work you have to eliminate or minimize distractions.

Who you’re constantly reaching for your precious phone like Frodo for the ring, you’re compromising your ability to focus and do deep creative work.


You need chunks of uninterrupted time.

Put your phone into airplane mode and move it out of reach while you are doing important creative work. Put it in a desk drawer our of reach or move it to another room. If your’e designing at a coffee shop put it in your bag and zip it closed.

When you’re able to truly focus on your design work to unlock a level of productivity that can’t be achieved when your phone is within arm’s reach.

Don’t overlook this hack just because it is simple. Actually executing on this will yield untold amounts of done projects.

Eliminate or minimize distractions and you will design better and faster.

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