What can you remove?

I often get caught up in adding things to increase my work, happiness, health, performance, focus, etc.

Another app or post with another tactic or thing to add to my daily habits or workflow.

Adding a daily habit can be very effective, and can lead to breakthrough and growth.

But add too many things, and you’ll struggle to keep up with all of them.

What about asking ourselves the opposite question; what can I remove?

Examples of things to remove:

  • The news
  • Complaining
  • Drinks that contain sugar
  • Social media
  • Perfection paralysis
  • Distractions
  • People pleasing

For me, I am increasingly removing digital distractions.

I just deleted YouTube from my phone for the next 30 days.I had found myself increasingly losing the battle to the distraction algorithms of YouTube that are engineered to keep my attention on the screen, and thus distracted from real life.

Maybe I’ll keep it off my phone forever.

With YouTube gone, I can now return my focus to learning with audiobooks for some of the margins in the day that were previously wasted.

But what about you?

What’s something can you remove from your life for increased happiness, performance, health, focus, etc.?

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