What’s your why?

I’ve taken the week off to go skiing with my family.

A week in the mountains is one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s a big deal to me.

I don’t have much experience skiing though. I’ve only been skiing for a few years. Historically, ski trips were something that I always wanted to do but simply couldn’t (responsibly) afford at the time. They were on my goal list for years before they ever happened.

Having experiences and trips with my family has been a huge motivator for me over the years. I’ve always wanted to give my family the best that I can. My wife and kids are my biggest “why” in life, aside from God. The push to work harder and smarter has always been fueled by my family.

Now, a why is different from a goal.

Here’s how I look at it:

  • A WHY = I want to give and experience the best life I can with my wife and kids.
  • A GOAL = Go on an annual ski trip.

Your whys are your deep, constant drivers. They’re what really matter to you.

Your goals are specific and measurable things, experiences, growth or contributions that support your whys.

Whys and goals are a powerful way to level-up. I’ve used them since 2011.

What are your whys? Why do you want to move forward in your design career?

You need to answer this for yourself, our you’ll likely give up easily when you face resistance in your design career. You’ll pull back when you should push forward.

So how do you leverage whys and goals to accelerate your career?

In a nutshell; Write your whys down, then write goals down that support your whys. If you’re really serious, right them down every day.

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